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Our Services

The First Visit

Ideally, we would like to see your child at about age one year or when they have their first teeth. At this stage we can provide you with information on diet and nutrition, feeding habits and give advice about tooth brushing and preventive strategies to keep your child's teeth healthy for life. If your child is very young, this visit will take place with your child in your lap.

If You Have Been Referred to a Specialist Paediatric Dentist - Dr Franco

This initial visit is a "getting to know you visit". No treatment is usually carried out at this stage. Dr Franco will "count" your child's teeth. Remember to not allow your fears and anxieties to be transferred to your child. Dr Franco has many years of experience with putting children (and parents) at ease. Dr Franco will then discuss with you privately a treatment plan to optimise the success of your child's dental management and care. 

Treatment Under General Anaesthesia

Children who are very young, extremely anxious and/or those who may have physical, emotional or intellectual barriers to treatment in the dental setting may require treatment under a general anaesthetic. This is carried out at Frankston Private Hospital as a Day Stay patient with a specialist anaesthetist. 

General anaesthesia is not the end of dental care. It allows Dr Franco to manage your child's dental needs in an efficient and less distressing manner. We can then focus on preventive measures to maintain your child's dental health and monitor their growth and development. 

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